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Self Esteem: Belief in one's worth;self respect.


Self Esteem is also the ability to like and RESPECT yourself.  Remember this, if you do not respect yourself, chances are you will not respect others. So, the bottom line is you need to respect yourself first.  


Affects of good Self Esteem


  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Feel valued, loved, and secure
  • Care about yourself and want to take care of your health
  • Care about others and get along with others
  • Bounce back after set backs

*People who tend to make fun of others, lack self esteem.  They do this to make their own insecurity's seem small.

Self esteem is related to your self worth and your value. Building self esteem is a first step towards your happiness and a better life.

Self esteem increases your confidence. If you have confidence you will respect yourself. If you respect yourself you can respect others, improve your relationships, your achievements and your happiness....

Low self esteem causes depression, unhappiness, insecurity and poor confidence. Other's desires may take preference over yours. Inner criticism, that nagging voice of disapproval inside you, causes you to stumble at every challenge and challenges seem impossible. 

How to improve your esteem and confidence

1. Face your fears - they aren't  as bad as you think they are. Facing your fears increases your confidence.

2. Forget your failures  - learn from them. Avoid making the same mistakes again but don't limit yourself by assuming you failed before so you can't succeed this time. Try again, you're wiser and stronger.  Don't be trapped in the past!

3. Know what you want and ask for it. You deserve your dreams to come true.

4. Reward yourself when you succeed. No-one else will! Isn't everything easier when you take time to help yourself?

5. Talk - We often make assumptions about a situation or person which are not true. Your attitude and behaviour can be negatively affected so if you have any doubt or question ask and don't assume you know why or how.  Don't be defeated! Try something else. You are not going to be defeated by one failed attempt are you? Doesn't everyone fail before they succeed? All you need is a different approach.

A poor sense of self esteem can be beaten.

Low Self Esteem - Here's what not to do:

  • Low self esteem feeds on negative messages and thoughts so Don't indulge in self criticism. Why are you joining the other side to wage war against yourself? Silence your inner judge.

  • Don't always try to please others. It is considerate when you care about others feelings but aren't your needs just as important? Don't neglect yourself!

  • Don't try to be like someone else. This leads to lack of self worth and confidence. You are unique and you cannot be someone else. Strive to be better yes but don't criticise yourself for not being as successful, as beautiful, as slim or as popular as somone else. You deserve better.

  • Don't take life or yourself so seriously. Failure just means you are not successful YET. Everybody fails on their way to succeeding, don't look on it as failure but as a means to learning. Perhaps you just need a change of direction. Problems can make you stronger if you strive to overcome them.

Here's what to do:

  • Self worth, confidence and assuredness will increase when you Focus on your needs and desires. You deserve to live life as you want. This is not selfishness as what you want doesn't hurt others or prevent them from living life on their terms.

  • Focus on your successes. Lack of confidence feeds on your feelings of failure and inadequacy. Remember the truly successful things you have done in your life. Reward yourself when you do succeed.

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