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Save on CD RW use powerpoint 2003. Some of you that have another year other then 2003 need to save your file as an 2003 file under  "save as".

Power Point Criteria (Powerpoint 2003)

Save it on a CD RW. Also email it to yourself.


No more than 3 in a group.


5min speech. Practice speech prior. (Not every member needs to speak, but they do need to play a role)  


Topics (no smoking, drugs, alcohol, bike safety, seatbelt safety)


Color scheme


Sentences on a page


Use sound…. But not too much sound!! Not every slide needs sound


Need one (1) graph or chart with statistics


Need at least 2 animations (to keep audiences attention)


20-30 Slides should be good to get you through 5 min. However, if you talk fast or slow plan accordingly.




Topic 50%

Color 10%

Time 20%

Animation/graph or chart 10%

Page design (words on page, if we can read them) 10%




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I hold the right to change any information (topics/materials) at any time.