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Conflict: Any disagreement, struggle, or fight.

Conflict Resolution: is the process of ending a conflict by cooperating and problem solving together.

Tolerance is important in preventing conflict and promoting peace.

Tolerance: includes accepting others' differences and allowing them to be who they are without expressing disapproval.

If you feel like a conflict can not be resolved by working together, there is the option of mediation.
Mediation: Is the process of specially trained people who help other to resolve their conflict peacefully.  This person should not know the people with the conflict to avoid being bias.



Good or Bad

Conflict is not always a bad thing.  Disagreements can help solve some problems.


For example, think of a time when you worked with a group on a class project.  You may have had some disagreements. By talking about them, you probably helped resolve your conflicts.  Conflict is harmful when feelings are hurt.  It’s dangerous when it leads to VIOLENCE, or the use of physical force to injure or abuse another person.


Be in Control

Knowing about anger and how to cope with it will help you learn how to deal with conficts on a personal level


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