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1.        True or False:  Conflict: Any disagreement, struggle, or fight.


2.        True or False: Tolerance: includes accepting others' differences and allowing them to be who they are without expressing disapproval.



3.        True or False: Conflict Resolution: Is the process of specially trained people who help other to resolve their conflict peacefully.  This person should not know the people with the conflict to avoid being bias.



4.        True or False: Conflict is not always a bad thing.



5.        Boy bullies use_____________Threats.



6.        Girls bullies use__________________________.



7.        Most people who bully before the age of _______,

         have a criminal record by the age of_____________.


8.        Bullying occurs mostly in boys/girls. (Circle one)



9.        True or False: Mediation: Knowing about anger and how to cope with it.

10.    list the 3 parts of the health triangle:


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