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How healthy do you feel? Do you need a change?
Well, guess what?

It's  this simple.............

First, Click on the following information links and find your ranges. Find these ranges for both, your weight and your IDEAL WEIGHT.

Calorie Intake

Body Mass Index

Carbohydrate Intake

Protein Intake

Fat Intake

After you find your ranges (don't forget plus/minus) you are ready to move on.  Print out a copy of the FOOD LIST (link below).  Highlight 3-5 foods that you like in each food group.  After you do that you need to come up with  6 meals.  Three of those meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) should  be basic meals. The others  should be snack type meals (fruits) that hold you over from that starving feeling.  When we are starving, we tend to eat unhealthy foods high in fat or sodium. Remember, just because something is on the healthy foods list, you need to cook it the right way (Grilled, not deep fried).  DON'T FORGET YOUR RANGES. YOU NEED TO PLAN TO EAT FOODS THAT ARE NOT ONLY HEALTHY, BUT IN YOUR DAILY RANGES. You can find what's in the foods that you like by going on the followng website.  I made a link under the food list link.  Click on food browse or food search.

Food List

Food facts

Now that you have a 6 meal day plan, you need to make an effort to make a meal plan for 7 days (DON'T FORGET YOUR RANGES, YOU NEED TO PLAN TO EAT FOODS THAT ARE HEALTHY AND IN YOUR RANGES).The key to eating healthy is planning what to eat. For those that say they don’t have time, MAKE TIME. After you have meals for 7 days you need to make a daily plan when to eat. Balance out the time in-between to avoid hunger. I like to eat every hour in the morning to hold me over for lunch. Here is an example daily plan:

7am- 4 egg beaters on whole wheat wrap with salsa

8am- Protein shake

9am- Fruit or yogurt

11:30am- Grilled chicken wrap, yogurt, fruit

1:30pm- Protein shake

5:00pm- Grilled chicken salad with fat free dressing, veggie, whole wheat bread

This plan works for my schedule and my ranges. You need to look at your own schedule and come up with a plan that’s good for you.

Another helpful tip that I'll give you is get a binder to record everything you do. When you plan, write it down. Are you  like me? I come up with good ideas and then I lose (forget)them, that's why I keep a binder (journal i guess). Write your plan(s) down and stick to them.

You should be ready to start eating right at this point. Next, we need to get you exercising right. We will try and help you next in that area.

Before we leave this unit. I know most of you are saying to yourself this is a lot of work. It's really not. Once you get the hang of it, it will be quick. You will also notice it's easier then you thought because you tend to eat the same 13-15 foods all week.  We should be eating 30 different foods a week.

Keep in mind many of you exercise. For those that exercise, you can eat over your ranges. Make sure you exercise to get in your range by bed time.  Don't be those people that eat more with the thought of exercising  and then don't follow through.  I also like one (1) cheat day to eat.  I like sunday's.  Eat what you want.  If you need to cheat on a monday, make sure you don't cheat that following sunday.  Things come up that we don't plan for, but we need to focus and try to get back to our schedule. 


I hold the right to change any information (topics/materials) at any time.